Water Damage Sterling VA

Water Damage Sterling VA 571-485-5917Flood waters can ravage your home or office, whether the influx of water stems from an external or internal source. Burst pipes and leak can inflict just as much damage on the interior of your building as storm water. No matter where the water comes from, it can can begin imparting property damage within hours and it can develop into a serious health threat in a matter of days.

When you contact our team at Flood Crew, we’ll use the latest tools and techniques in water damage mitigation to restore your water damaged building.

Water Extraction and Drying
If there’s standing water inside of your home or office, our technicians can extract it into our trucks to expedite drying. To accelerate the drying process further, we’ll use high-powered fans to aerate and dry saturated areas of your building. In addition to drying saturated areas, we’ll also disinfect them against bacteria growth.

Post-Flood Carpet Cleaning
Our technicians use carpet cleaning equipment that employs hot-water extraction to deliver a deep clean to your carpeting. Our carpet cleaning process also includes disinfecting and deodorizing phases, helping to erase the memories of the flooding. We can also deploy carpet protection film after cleaning, keeping your carpet fresh as residual moisture dries.

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