Water Damage Sterling VA

Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Professional

Water damage can happen when it’s least expected. A basement may flood during spring thaw out or the upstairs shower may leak into a closet. A pipe may burst or a sink may leak. Either way, the homeowner is left with a mess to clean up and while it may seem simple, it rarely is.

Hiring a professional is important when things like this happen. If left as is the water can cause molds which can cause illness, do damage to the home and cause a lot of upper respiratory issues for family  members who suffer from asthma or mold allergies.WaterDamage-300x200

A professional will know how and where to look in the home for damage and what absolutely must be repaired in order to maintain the integrity of the home.

Water Damage Sterling VA

In order to preserve the home, this water must be extracted from the home, carpeting must be removed (it can harbor mold spores if the water isn’t completely extracted) and the cause of the issue must also be repaired.

Many homeowners believe that if they clean up the water the home will be fine. While this may work in some cases, it rarely is a solution to the long term problem.

A professional water damage service will understand what must be done in order to repair the situation. They will know where the water could be hiding and thus harboring more mold and disease. They will also know where to look for signs of water damage that could have occurred previously.

Understanding water and mold damage is something that professionals have learned to detect and repair. Removing the water, dehumidifying the home and restoring the home to its original condition is one of the most important steps in repairing water damage to a home.